Self Pay Outsourcing Program

Today’s healthcare providers are facing extreme challenges. Hospital reimbursement is low and the numbers of patients that are uninsured or underinsured are growing. The cost and time needed to collect these accounts is high and detracts from the lucrative high balance insurance accounts.


In today’s economy with uninsured and underinsured patients growing, self pay balances are increasing for healthcare providers. A provider’s ability to successfully collect these self pay balances has a direct effect on the facilities bottom line. Outsourcing the self pay collection processes allows the accounts to be worked in a specialized workflow with customized follow up, by experienced personnel trained to maintain a positive public image.

Below are just a few of the many benefits of a customized self pay outsourcing approach by GLOBAL.

  • Ability to reallocate staff to focus on other areas such as insurance follow up
  • Reduce days in receivables
  • Accelerate cash collections while reducing bad debt write off and expense
  • Positive return on investment within the first few months
  • Increased patient satisfaction


Global is dedicated to the concepts of efficiency and competitive advantage by remaining on the forefront of technology in the industry. Global will customize a specific collection approach to meet the needs of each individual client. This is possible because of our advanced technology that meets or exceeds even the largest collection agencies.


Columbia Ultimate Business System (CUBS), the Collector System used by Global is a powerful and versatile software package which provides a wealth of custom reporting features. Global is able to provide its clients with ad hoc reporting on virtually any data that exists. Standard or scheduled reports can also be customized to meet our client’s specifications and formatting. In addition to the custom reports we can produce, Global’s Client Access Internet Portal provides our clients with the flexibility to design and produce their own custom reports based on a wide variety of data fields and on an as-needed basis.

The following are examples of reports that can be available on a pre-determined schedule or on demand

  • Reconciliation Report
  • History Report
  • Account Inventory
  • Close and Return
  • Account Status Report


GLOBAL fully complies with all HIPAA regulations and maintains Business Associate agreements with all Covered Entity clients. All Employees are educated on HIPAA policy and are required to prove proficiency and knowledge of HIPAA regulations before receiving any access to protected health information. All employees are also required to be recertified on HIPAA compliance every twelve months.

All policies and procedures are maintained and monitored by Global’s Compliance Office. The Compliance Office also monitors new developments in the applicable federal regulations and conducts weekly staff meetings to update and educate employees on any development.