When Legal Action is Needed

GLOBAL will review all accounts placed in third party collection to determine whether litigation is appropriate. Our attorneys will closely monitor each account selected from litigation from pre-judgment and asset evaluation to judgment and wage garnishment or lien placement.

The GLOBAL Legal Department's collection practice is fully supported by a state-of-the art on-line collection system known as Collection Master. Developed by Commercial Legal Software, Inc. of Montville, New Jersey, Collection-Master software is a group of computer programs that are linked and controlled by an extensive menu system. Collection-Master affords the Legal Department the ability to perform any combination of automated collection, litigation and post-judgment execution within the confines of a simple integrated system. It is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of a volume oriented collection practice.

GLOBAL legal department is also experienced in state health care and insurance laws. We understand the methods needed to recover monies owed from insurance companies and other third party payers. GLOBAL attorneys will also assist account representatives in complex insurance appeals.