Global’s focuses attention on customizing a collection approach that best suits the needs of each individual client. At Global we use our size to our benefit by having a more flexible and customizable collection strategy.


Global has established a proven track record as a professional and progressive accounts receivable and collection agency, offering experience, skill, integrity and service for our clients. Our ownership comes from a healthcare background. Because of this experience, Global has always been a medical collection agency with an understanding of our clients’ needs. Although the primary objective of a collection agency is to effect maximum recovery of outstanding accounts receivables, the management and staff of Global recognize the equally essential need of its clients to maintain and promote the dignity of their patients and the reputation of their institution. Without compromising results, Global demands that its employees afford each and every patient the level of respect that the client itself offers to the people who use its services and which the community expects from its medical caregivers. We consider ourselves to be representatives of your organization in dealing with the public and, as such, we are as concerned with maintaining your reputation with the public as our own.

Our years of experience have taught us that maximum results are achieved in conjunction with maintaining good public relations and not through heavy-handed dealings with the patient or consumer. This attitude and policy translates into success in our business goal of account collection and success in our policy goal of maintaining the positive public image of our clients.


As a small business, Global can offer superior customer service in a more intimate environment. In working with Global, clients know they have the attention of our entire leadership team. There is always someone in top levels of management available to handle any of our clients’ needs.


In our sixteen year history, Global has proven to deliver repeatable and sustainable results. We continuously outperform well respected, larger agencies when compared by our clients. Our expertise in healthcare collections in combination with our cutting edge technology; maximizes recovery while minimizing patient complaints.


Our training is comprised of internally developed training material, American Collectors Association (ACA) material and other online resources. Staff also attends health association meeting and collection association meetings as a way of staying up to date on current industry news. Global also has a Certified Patient Account Manager on staff to answer questions and assist with training.

Global places a high value on collections from third party payers. Third party payers include but are not limited to: Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, H.M.O. Plans, Workers Compensation, 3rd Party Liability Cases and Estate Claims.

Collectors are trained to manage the whole insurance process:

  • Review patient’s insurance coverage on every telephone call
  • Search for patient’s coverage information through database reviews
  • Obtain treatment authorizations
  • Submit coverage information for claim submission
  • Follow up with insurance company claim processing
  • Appeal denials
  • Explain to patients the reason for any remaining self pay balances

All collection staff must complete three training courses:

  • GLOBAL’s: Effective 3rd Party Collections and Medical Billing – Medical Collections and the Law
  • American Collector’s Association’s: Healthcare Collections Practices
  • Medicare Learning Network Online Training Program